2020 CNXC Girls Cross Country Google Form

Friday, April 24 2020

With the unforeseen circumstances this school year, there was no manner in which we could hold our typical call-out meeting for in-coming 9th grade students, new runners, veteran runners, and parents.  It has also made it more challenging for us to collect a roster to disseminate information for summer training, camp, and to make the important connections for girls to join our team and feel attached to our outstanding group.

By filling out the Google Form link below, you / your child will shortly receive information that will get them started for the summer training season.  This link can be used by any student-athlete from incoming 9th graders, new runners from 10th-12th grade, and ALL veteran runners.  If you have already filled out a Google Form from Facebook or Twitter, you do NOT have complete another form. 

*We also welcome middle school runners to join our training program if they are interested as well.  

Camp is still scheduled for the week of July 20th at Brown County State Park.  We are going to proceed as if we can do the majority of summer agenda unless told otherwise.  While the summer is up in the air to a large extent, the one sport that can continue at a high level is distance running!

After signing up, a calendar (flexible), training schedule, and a roster with phone numbers will be sent to you in early May.

Look forward to seeing everyone again and meeting all of our new runners and their families!

Google Form: https://forms.gle/jPvWyFobeWLi1NEq7 

Every Day is a Great Day for CNXC Runners!
Coach Sluder / Coach Weaver